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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Today I worked on free-motion quilting a sampler.  The only spot in my house large enough to layer the quilt was in my living room (I have a small house!  LOL) It was pretty funny, I was all over the floor, spreading, smoothing, folding, spraying, smoothing, cutting...It was a workout!
 I used my vintage Singer 201 Gear driven sewing machine.
I had some trouble with the fabric I picked for the back. I thought it was cotton but it was so slippery and the basting spray didn't stick as well as it usually does.  It felt a little like the 400 count Egyptian cotton sheets I sleep on!!  I pushed on and was able to quilt about 1/2 of it before I had to call it a day.
I'm not very good at straight lines...and its harder on this machine, but I always feel that however my quilting comes out... it's mine. It's part of me and I did it.  This quilt is probably the biggest quilt I've done on one of my home machines, almost a queen size.  The 201 has a very large throat, and plenty of space to quilt in. I want to be clear, I do send some of my large tops to LAQ's, especially when those tops start piling up and the ones that just cry out for perfect quilting!  We do what we need to do, right?!!
And THAT was my day!  Tomorrow I'm going to finish quilting it, and later this week I'll bind it.  I'd like to be finished by Friday so that I'm free for part 4 with Bonnie!

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