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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The picture really doesn't do this quilt justice. It is such a rich fabric..with gold specs. I don't remember the line, but it has an oriental feel to it...or Italian! LOL Either way, my Mother loves it and that's what's important.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Road Trip!

I'm headed west! My only goal is to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co everything else will be gravy. I'm leaving NY later today after my lesson on a long arm machine at LQS. What a way to start this trek! 
To my surprise both my husband and daughter(20) want to tag along. Did I mention this was a quilt Mecca? Still, I'm thrilled to have them and happy that they wanted to come despite the mission.
I'm bringing with me a quilt top that I'm particularly fond of and will drop it off at MSQC for Jennie Doan to quilt. Jennie is a celebrity because of her YouTube quilt tutorials, with her carefree, and lets get-it-done attitude...more for a non-perfect world...she has inspired me.  I'm not even sure how good she is at quilting!  LOL. I did call in advance and asked if she would be around later this week, to my disappointment she will not but will leave an autographed picture for me. 
And so it begins...a cup of coffee...a blog entry...clouds should be clearing up later...I'm ready to journey into tornado country and recharge my life batteries!