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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My new baby! Guess her name will be Cinderella!  My husband is replacing the wiring now so that hopefully she will be a useful member of the family. I'm a little skeptical on her abilities noting that she only has one feed dog, but she was so cute I couldn't resist her.  I read up on these machines, although there is not a lot of information, she is a post WWII machine from Japan. At that time Japan was recovering from the war, producing and exporting tons of these. The records from these manufacturers are gone (as are the manufacturers), but they would put any name the buyer wanted on them ie. Macy's, Gimbel's, Woolworth's. They are supposedly expertly built and are reported to run smoother and quieter than others of the same era.   The parts are suppose to be interchangeable with Singer parts of the time and the carrying box is covered wood. All-in-all she is in great condition and I got her for only $35.


  1. Cinderelli, Cinderelli night and day you will sew on Cinderelli! LOL Great find! Best wishes!

    1. LOL, as a kid that was my favorite song!