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Thursday, August 1, 2013

30lbs down, oodles left to go

It is now the end of July and I'm down 30lbs but the carbs have crept back into my diet.  It just seems like I have no control over what jumps into my mouth! I continue to refuse bagels or pasta but whole wheat bread seems so "healthy" and they just talk their way in.  For the most part sugars are cooperating and staying in packages, stores, and shelves where they belong.  I'm ramping up with exercise now...a little recumbant biking at work...walking the dogs when it's not too hot out, swimming still eludes me...I guess cause having to go through the "bathing suit wiggle" (getting that spandex puppy on!!!) and off!! (Even worse when it's wet!) does not thrill me. Throw my allergies into the mix and I'm happy just to get to work and then back home.   Ah yes, good times. BUT... Even though this seems a little whiney I'm thrilled to have taken off some weight and feel much better for doing so.  I will continue to battle those carbs and march forward to victory!
Now, as for quilting!  My latest....
Square in a square