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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finished the top for Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street quilt. Took about 10 weeks to do, sewing a few days per week.  This was a mystery quilt and I'll tell you why I love mysteries...because if I had seen the outcome at the onset I would've shouted "Hell no, I won't sew!" many pieces! and it looks so complicated! but in-fact, it was true to its name...Easy Street...easy peezie.  My favorite part was putting all the blocks didn't matter how you turned each block to sew, they went together smoothly.  Took a lot of pins...a lot of pins...and you had to pin to make all the points meet.  But I say to myself..."what do you throw some quilt together...or carefully put together a piece of art"...LOL that gets me through all the pinning at least! I am NOT a perfectionist.
Well, here it is...


  1. Looks great! I like how you used the same purple for the center of the A Blocks. I planned to do it this way, but we will see how it goes. I just finished all of the triangles. I have a few of each A & B blocks done so far. I hope to have the blocks ready to assemble into rows pretty soon. Are you going to do a border? If so, do you know what your are going to do?
    ~June in AZ

    1. Good morning June! Thanks. Just keep trucking away on'll finish and it will be wonderful. I am going to do borders for two reasons..I think this quilt requires a place for your eyes to rest so about a 4" border of aqua on the outside and an inner border of the dark gray..about an inch on the inside...second reason is because its on point and we have all those bias triangles on the edges it will be a beast to quilt, especially for a long armer. (If you don't want borders I would put a basting stitch all around the edge).

  2. Well done completing your top. I have sewn all the rows together and hope to have mine together today.

  3. Go Frances! What colors did you use?