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Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Beginning

In the beginning there was fabric, thread, tools and patterns...lots of patterns. I love to quilt and for the past four years I've been learning the ropes...or should I say "threads".   Yesterday my husband threatened me that he was going to hang a towel in the bathroom and call it art!  You're kidding me right!? He said that he's been waiting for me to decorate this one blank wall for years now and since I haven't he wants to hang a towel...A TOWEL!   Well, that got my juices flowing...I went into my Quilt Cave and started looking at my stash.  
I knew that I wanted something or butterflies...a sunset, lots of color.  So I started picking colors for my sun...I wanted the feel of  radiating and gradating...I will add pictures later today...I'm fairly new to this blog thing and getting it all together is going to be a challenge for me.
I picked shades of green for a palm tree and blues for the sky. Today I will start to add "Wonderunder" and cut my pieces. And maybe I'll try to make a video of some of it!
Towel! I don't think so!! 


  1. What did you end up making????

    1. Ahh, to be able to say "I finished it!", Christmas and Bonnie Hunter got in my way! I was able to finish the sun and the Palm trees...sand and ocean are in the works...and not sure what else will be added...